The End



"We're in a time now, when movies,
and more generally art, have been lost,
do not exist. And must somehow be re-invented.”
- Jean Luc Godard
The End  is a series of portraits of former movie theatres located in Tel Aviv & Jaffa.
This work is first and foremost an homage to the old cinemas, but it can also be read as a tribute for typology photography. A genre based on examining and exploring different culture and political changes. Since the beginning of the 21st century we are seeing a decreasing number 
of small, private owned cinemas. They are being replaced by giant complexes usually located outside the city. This new hybrid cinema-malls are placing thier focus on more commercial blockbuster movies and are pushing away the smaller and more niche film houses. 
All these photographs were shot in a vertical form seeing as how this is the exact opposite of the cinematic view. I've decided to make this portraits so, in order to emphasis this work as a requiem for cinema.